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Bath is unique. There is no other town in England where one can get closer to the eighteenth-century experience. The streets of tall, pale, identical houses, ranged in terraces or curving crescents, create a rhythmic harmony which never ceases to delight the eye.

What’s more, to stroll around these graceful streets and squares is to walk in the steps of Jane Austen.

Jane Austen holidayed in Bath in 1797 and in 1798. For five years, from 1801, she became a resident which enriched her experience of contemporary society. Her observations of life in the city provide the background for two of the six exquisite novels; Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.

In this fascinating and beautifully illustrated book, Terry Townsend takes us on a journey of discovery to the houses, public buildings, parks and walks that were significant in the life and work of one of English literature’s most beloved figures.

Using quotes from the novels and letters to her sister the Georgian city is revealed at the height of its popularity. At almost every corner or flight of steps, at every narrow court or wide promenade, and even in outlying villages there are associations to be found.